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Customer Onboarding

Unlock Success with 7 Customer Onboarding Tips

Change is hard, and the fundamental challenge of customer onboarding is that people have to change the way they do things. Successful onboarding is about recognising users needs and fears while helping them get value from the product with good product design, documentation and customer support.

By Leo Moore
3 months ago

Better SaaS Metrics for PayPal

PayPal is a great payments solution but its metrics are very basic which is a problem for SaaS businesses. There is a better way to get SaaS metrics for PayPal by using Subbie to sync, standardize and show your SaaS metrics.

By Leo Moore
5 months ago
SaaS Metrics

17½ Key SaaS Metrics You Should Track

Metrics are indispensable for any SaaS business aiming to thrive and scale. They provide a clear insight into your company’s performance, customer engagement, and overall financial health. In this guide, we delve into 17½ crucial SaaS metrics that every company should meticulously track and analyze.

By Leo Moore
5 months ago